Как использовать


In accordance to DIN 33960

Keep distance!


Speed up!

Bumping forbidden!

learning out forbidden!

Stopping forbidden!

The child always sits in front! The adult must control!

Slow down at end of track!

1. Every user uses this sled-sports facility on its own responsibility and on its own risk, wearing appropriate clothing and without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. The speed must be chosen such as not to endanger themselves or others. A minimum distance of 25 meters to the vehicle that goes ahead must be respected. The collision with other vehicles is strictly forbidden. The colliding driver is responsible for all the consequences.

3. In case of being wet or icy, the track remains closed.

4. Reckless driving can lead to serious injuries. Always brake in time. At the end of the track, slow down to walking pace until arriving on the transport belt! Especially at the end of the runway you must pay the utmost attention and care!

5. Upper body always towards direction of travel, no turning around, no leaning out, no lying down, no kneeling on the sled. Always pay attention to safety signs and always focus on the section in front (25 m).

6. Instructions of the staff at the start must be followed. Do not drive too slow, stopping is allowed only for emergency.

7. The use of the slide is allowed only with the sleighs provided. Two people can go on the same sled only to accompany a child under 10 years.

8. Minimum age for children is 3 years. Children under 8 years can only go together with a person older than 16 years, which has acquired the responsibility of the supervisor in charge.

9. The taller person always sits in the back and must have control over the brakes during the entire ride. Always hands on the brake lever, do not touch the track! The driver must have a clear view.

10. The instructions of the staff must be obeyed (legal auxiliary police). Anyone who violates the conditions of use will be excluded from using the facility.

11. By purchasing the ticket, each user accepts these conditions irrevocable. Recourse claims are excluded.

12. Those who for example by physical or mental limitations can not properly take seat in the sleigh or can not handle it properly, remain excluded from its use for security reasons. Probably use possible accompanied by a qualified or trusted person who in turn is responsible for the user. Due to the nature of operation, pregnant women can not use the sleigh.

13. Maximum load on the sleighs is 150 kg. Animals as well as umbrellas, sticks and other bulky, pointed or loose objects must not be taken into the sleigh. Do not bring loose clothing (hats, scarves, shoelaces, etc.) and braids close to the wheels of the sleighs.

14. Smoking and the use of cell phones, cameras, etc. is forbidden during the entire ride.

15. Access to the facility is allowed only at designated entrances. The user can only start and finish its trip in the indicated places.

16. It is forbidden to damage the equipment, facilities and sleighs, create obstacles in the path, operate the system without authorization and driving without authorization any of the facilities used to operate the business or for the prevention of accidents or perform any other operation that restrict its operation.

17. Accidents must be reported immediately to the operating staff.